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For any successful trader business it is important to have concrete information about the respective target audience. For luxury traders, however, the knowledge about the "do's and dont's" in the High Society, as well as many direct contacts, are essential add-on's to preserve acceptance and confidence.


Today, an even very attractive retail store is by far not sufficient to frequently generate the associated, mostly high costs. A single online business, however, can not provide the all-important visual and tactile experience and personalized service provided in local luxury stores and shopping centers. Only the combination of the different sales channels, accompanied by a flexible and strictly audience-oriented marketing, will grant your business success in the future ...


CONSIQUENT will help your luxury business with audience-oriented marketing, unique and top-selling luxury events, a modern, easy-to-use online sales portal for your luxuries at...




and highclass glossy internet websites and webshops as your perfect luxury digital business card.


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"We know everything about online marketing and trading, and we also love the world of luxury. This is certainly the  very best basis to successfully design and support your  individual luxury business strategy..."